What We Do

We create, develop, self publish, and assist in the development of games for the following platforms, and we love every minute of it.


We are currently licensed and developing for Sony's Playstation 4 and the Nintendo WiiU. Check back soon for an announcement on our upcoming titles for both!


We have taken the plunge into development for the PC. The Oculus just made it too hard to resist! Check back soon for an announcement of our upcoming title that will use it to scare you.... just a little.


Mobile gaming is where we started. We started out developing games for IOS and Android, and now are licensed and developing for the Nintendo 3DS and Sony's Vita as well. Exciting times ahead!

Need Help?

Greylan Studios is available to help you with any project you are developing. Everything from concept to completion, we can help. We can help with art, programming, testing, porting to other platforms, or getting your game onto multiple platforms and into the various E-Shops!

  • Art

    Concept to Completion

    Have a great game programmed and ready to go, but need help making it look good? We can help you with concepts, 2d artwork, 3d models, FX, and everything else visual!

  • Coding

    Developing the Systems and Tools.

    Hit a wall and need help developing more advanced systems to finish out your game? Our programmers can help. With experience in multiple engines, we can help in nearly all pipelines!

  • Multi-Platform Porting

    Get your awesome game on more platforms.

    Already have a game that is ready to go, but you are limited to only one platform? Let us get your game ready for other platforms and test it out for you. We will help you expand your reach, such as getting your mobile game for IOS over to the 3DS, or getting your PC title ready for PS4.

  • Let Us
    Help You!

Contact Us

Want to drop us a line? Need help with a project? Let us know!